About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a catalyst for the successful growth of our portfolio companies by providing intellectual and financial capital.

Who We Are

The name CorLyst represents the merging of a portfolio company's CORe competence with the cataLYST resources and expertise that CorLyst brings to the collaboration. 

We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs and corporate growth experts who have built companies to successful acquisition and IPOs. We have the intellectual capital to provide assistance in taking a company to the next level of maturity.

Who We Work With

CorLyst is interested in working with publicly traded or privately held companies who have or are working on developing a product or service.  Our expertise is primarily in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and health care areas, however, our corporate business and operation experience applies to areas outside of the medical and health arena.  We are seeking companies outside the health/medical industry.

CorLyst evaluates four areas of a potential company: 

  1. The portfolio company management team
  2. The product and its stage of development
  3. The product competition
  4. The ability of the CorLyst Team to accelerate the growth and value of the portfolio company.

Our Resources

CorLyst provides a) business and technical expertise in multiple areas including product development, drug/device development, potential patient application, marketing, data management, project management, corporate organization, accounting/ finance and b) funding in the range of $50,000 - $150,000 as needed and c) shared office space. 

Why CorLyst

The CorLyst Team works as a partner with each portfolio company by providing technical and business expertise without the portfolio Company having to spend any valuable cash.  The CorLyst Team has experience developing products, marketing products, as well as helping companies increase their valuation multiple fold.  The Principals of CorLyst most recently were executives and senior management of a company that moved from near bankruptcy to a valuation of $5.6 Billion in 8 years.

Our Current Portfolio

We are working with a publicly traded biotechnology company and a company currently developing a social media application for iphone and android platforms.  We are currently in negotiations with another application company.  Our plan is to have approximately three companies  in our portfolio.

Your Expectations

Each portfolio company should expect a partner whose interest is to advance the development of the portfolio company along with the product by sharing our expertise and always offering honest and frank advice.